Full Titanium Tip with Highest Cutting Precision and Long Lasting Sharpness • Range of width sizes: 2, 3, 4 & 5mm • Range of angles: Straight, Curved Angled, Left & Right • Available in Alical or Bein handle with Flat or Slightly Grooved tips


Easy Retentive Clip (No screw required) • Available for Maxillary and Mandibular in Small, Medium & Large sizes • Suitable for Easy and TimeSaving Pick-Up impressions • More Comfort to patient compare with stocktrays


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About Kohler

Quality German Instruments Now available in Australia at affordable prices! Kohler is an established German Company which is committed to manufacturing High Quality Dental Instruments. Kohler is a 30 year old well established German company, specializing in manufacturing an extensive range of Orthodontic, Periodental, Implant, and Maxillofacial Instruments Kombining knowledge & skill Qualified mployees from various professional fields are the backbone of our company. They create highly specialised instruments with innovative pleasure and a wealth of ideas using selected raw materials made from stainless steel and titanium alloys.

MAGICUT® scissors with ceramic coating offer a surface hardness (approx. 85 HRC) as never seen before; the hardness is considerably higher than that of Tungsten Carbide scissors. The ceramic coating combines inseparably with the Stainless Steel in a low-temperature process, and fuses both physically and chemically with the parent material. This means material flaking of any kind is impossible.


The new MINI, MIDI and MAXI Trays enable instruments of different lengths and sizes to be fixed. This ensures maximum support during transport, storage, cleaning and sterilisation. The VARIO Tray has a special feature. The lid can be set at 3 levels so that it fits instruments of the most varied length and thickness. The trays are made of stainless steel and are still light, handy and spacesaving. They are suitable for all current processing methods. The trays are patent-protected.


Extracting Forceps

We produce more than 400 different models of extracting forceps and are the biggest manufacturer in Germany.

The so-called MEDIUM forceps are approx. 20% smaller than the known English pattern extracting forceps. They are especially recommended for smaller hands and are more favourable in price, due to the reduced material and production costs. They are automatically delivered with non-slip beaks in order to guarantee a safe grip of the working beaks.

All English type forceps are equipped with a Teflon disc (temperature resistant up to +250°C) in the box lock – for effortless and smooth handling

.ZEMFIX®: fast - clean - safe

Innovative Cementing ZEMFIX® is a set of instruments and adhesive sticks that allows you to safe time and money, by inserting complete bridges or crowns in seconds only. ZEMFIX® can avoid cross-contamination.

About Company

We are associated with MK-Dent, Anthogyr, and Kohler in the promotion, sales and after sales service of Dental equipment in Australia and New Zealand since 2002.

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